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Though some other appraisers and consultants have limited exposure to particular types of senior housing properties, SLVS has a broad and thorough knowledge of all types of senior properties in all types of markets. Our daily exposure to market transactions and industry trends is particularly relevant in identifying, analyzing and determining the impact on valuation of the nuances of a particular project which can dramatically affect the final conclusions. In most engagements, the assignment is to determine market value or that value which sellers and buyers assign to a property. This requires an understanding of how buyers and sellers identify and assess the riskiness of cash flows to be generated by a particular project. SLVS' extensive experience throughout the country has created a data base of difficult to obtain comparable market data including operating expenses, capitalization and discount rates, leases and improved property sales. This information is necessary to adequately assess and document the special purpose nature of senior housing properties and their generally limited and illiquid sales markets.

SLVS guarantees its clients that its fees will be competitive, that its reports will be completed on a timely basis and, most important, that its reports are thoroughly analyzed and documented which will allow its user to make informed lending and investment decisions. The firm does not have to charge high fees to cover national overhead costs and it does not assign your engagement to staff appraisers or accountants with little experience in the senior housing industry. The firm is committed to providing appraisals and consultations to best meet the needs of its clients and to continuing as a recognized leading appraisal and consulting firm to the senior housing industry.

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